An efficient effective website needn't cost the earth!
Basic pricing structure
Each website is unique, so prices may vary
As a guideline, a 4 page site* starts at
Additional costs
Hosting for 1 year
Domain Registration
Site updates
by negotiation
*This refers to a 'static' site where the pages stay the same and can only be updated by us. In contrast, a 'dynamic' site is where you have direct control of text and images. Prices for a dynamic site start at £500.
Site ownership. It's very important to us that you feel that the site is truly 'yours'. It's our policy, therefore, that you own the domain name and the copyright to the content of your site.

Customer Comments

"I am amazed at what you have done and how you have done it!  It is a fantastic effort and we really are most grateful to you for all the time and trouble you have taken."
BH, St Lawrence Church, Effingham

"Still getting many favourable comments about the website and how user friendly it is."
DM, Ross Town Council.

"You have been very helpful."
AF, Anna's Parties.